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Tiles in Singapore: Enhancing Your Space with Style and Durability

Tiles in Singapore

Tiles are an essential element in interior design, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal to homes and commercial spaces. In Singapore, where quality and style matter, choosing the right tiles can make a significant difference in transforming your space. 

Whether it’s for your floors, walls, or bathroom, selecting the perfect tiles can elevate the overall ambiance of your home. In this article, we will explore the world of tiles in Singapore, highlighting their features, designs, and the best places to find them. 

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History of Tiles in Singapore

Tiles have been an integral part of architectural design and construction for centuries. In Singapore, the use of tiles dates back to early settlements, where they served both functional and decorative purposes. As the nation progressed, tiles went through various transformations, reflecting the changing tastes, technologies, and influences of the times.

Early Influences and Traditional Tiles

The earliest tiles in Singapore were influenced by the region’s rich cultural heritage. Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Peranakan communities each brought their unique tile traditions, techniques, and motifs. Traditional tiles often featured intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and symbolic designs that conveyed cultural and religious significance. These tiles adorned the facades, floors, and interior spaces of temples, shophouses, and traditional homes.

Colonial Period and European Influences

During the colonial period, Singapore became a melting pot of different cultures and architectural styles. European influences, particularly from the British and Portuguese, brought about a shift in tile designs. European-style tiles, such as the encaustic tiles, became popular, featuring elaborate patterns and motifs. These tiles adorned public buildings, churches, and colonial-era bungalows, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur.

Post-Independence and Modern Tile Designs

After gaining independence, Singapore witnessed rapid urbanization and modernization. The post-independence era brought about a shift towards functional and minimalist designs. Tiles became more standardized and mass-produced, catering to the growing demand for housing and infrastructure. Industrial advancements also led to the introduction of new materials, such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, which offered durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance.

In recent years, Singapore has embraced a diverse range of tile designs and styles, reflecting the multicultural and cosmopolitan nature of the nation. Contemporary tile trends include:

Minimalist Aesthetics: Clean lines, neutral colors, and simple designs are favored, creating a sense of modernity and sophistication.
Natural Materials: The use of natural stone tiles, such as marble and granite, adds a touch of luxury and elegance to spaces.
Geometric Patterns: Bold geometric patterns and shapes are increasingly popular, adding visual interest and a contemporary vibe.
Digital Printing Technology: Advancements in technology have enabled the creation of highly detailed and realistic tile designs, including patterns that mimic wood, concrete, and other materials.
Sustainability: With a growing focus on sustainability, eco-friendly tiles made from recycled materials or using energy-efficient manufacturing processes are gaining popularity.

Famous tiles of Singapore

Marina Bay Sands: This iconic integrated resort features three towers connected by a rooftop park, known as the Sands SkyPark. The SkyPark offers stunning panoramic views of the city skyline and the Marina Bay area.

Gardens by the Bay: Located next to Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay is a nature park that boasts magnificent supertrees. These vertical gardens are covered in a network of colorful tiles and are illuminated at night, creating a captivating spectacle.

Haji Lane: Situated in the Kampong Glam neighborhood, Haji Lane is a vibrant and trendy street known for its colorful and artistic tiles. The area is filled with independent boutiques, quirky cafes, and street art, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

Chinatown Heritage Centre: This museum in the heart of Chinatown offers a glimpse into the lives of early Chinese immigrants in Singapore. The floor tiles inside the center reflect the traditional Peranakan (Straits Chinese) style, featuring vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

Raffles Hotel: One of Singapore’s most famous landmarks, Raffles Hotel is known for its colonial architecture and luxurious ambiance. The hotel’s distinctive tiled courtyard, surrounded by lush greenery, has been a popular gathering spot for guests and visitors alike for over a century.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple: Located in the Chinatown district, this Buddhist temple is known for housing a sacred relic of the Buddha. The temple’s interior is adorned with intricate tiles, creating a visually striking and serene atmosphere.

Singapore Changi Airport: Considered one of the best airports in the world, Changi Airport showcases various artistic elements throughout its terminals. These include stunning floor designs featuring a blend of modern and traditional patterns, reflecting Singapore’s cultural diversity.

Types of tiles in Singapore

Tiles are versatile and durable materials that have become an integral part of modern interior design. In Singapore, where space is often limited, tiles offer practical solutions to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Whether you’re renovating your home, designing a new space, or simply looking for inspiration, understanding the different types of tiles available and their unique features can help you make informed decisions.

What is Ceramic tiles? How to buy best ceramic tiles collection in Singapore?

Ceramic tiles are a popular choice for flooring and walls due to their durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Ceramic tiles are made from a mixture of clay and various minerals, which are then shaped and fired at high temperatures. The result is a hard and dense material that is resistant to water, stains, scratches, and fading.

When buying ceramic tiles in Singapore, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get the best collection. Firstly, consider the type of ceramic tile you need based on the area where it will be installed. For high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens, opt for tiles with low water absorption. Next, consider the size, shape, and color of the tiles to match your desired style and décor. Additionally, check the quality and reputation of the supplier to ensure you are purchasing a reliable and durable product. Lastly, compare prices and consider your budget to find the best ceramic tiles collection that meets your requirements. 

If you are looking for high quality ceramic tiles in Singapore in your budget then no look further than Ramirro Ceramica as its one of the largest manufacturer and best tiles supplier in Singapore 

What is Porcelain tiles? How to buy best Porcelain tiles collection in Singapore?

Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic tile that is made from a dense, refined clay, fired at a very high temperature. It is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it a popular choice for flooring and walls. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

When buying the best ceramic tiles collection in Singapore, there are a few factors to consider. First, determine the size and style of tiles you want. Measure the space where you plan to install the tiles to ensure you buy the right amount. Next, consider the quality and durability of the tiles. Look for tiles that are made from high-quality materials and have a low water absorption rate. Lastly, compare prices and look for deals and discounts to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. It is also recommended to visit different tile stores and compare their collections before making a decision. 

If you are looking for high quality porcelain tiles in Singapore in your budget then no look further than Ramirro Ceramica as its one of the largest manufacturer and best tiles supplier in Singapore 

Difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles? 

Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles are both types of ceramic materials, but they have distinct differences. Porcelain is a specific type of ceramic known for its high density and strength. It is made from kaolin clay and subjected to high firing temperatures, resulting in a denser and less porous tile. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are crafted from various clays and minerals and fired at lower temperatures. This lower firing temperature makes ceramic tiles less dense and more porous compared to porcelain tiles. Consequently, porcelain tiles exhibit greater durability and resistance to wear and tear than ceramic tiles.

More Information: Ceramic vs Porcelain tiles

Factors to consider while buying tiles in Singapore

Climate: Singapore has a tropical climate characterized by high humidity and frequent rainfall. Tiles used in outdoor areas, such as walkways, patios, and pool decks, need to be durable and resistant to moisture, heat, and slipperiness. Additionally, tiles in outdoor spaces are exposed to sunlight and may require UV resistance to prevent fading or discoloration.

Sustainability: With a growing emphasis on sustainable building practices, the choice of tiles in Singapore is influenced by eco-friendly considerations. Homeowners and developers may opt for tiles made from recycled or renewable materials, or tiles that have been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes.

Maintenance and Durability: Tiles in Singapore need to withstand the humid and sometimes harsh outdoor conditions as well as the wear and tear of high foot traffic. Factors such as the tile’s resistance to stains, scratches, and chipping, as well as ease of cleaning, play a crucial role in their selection.

Design and Aesthetics: Singapore is known for its modern and cosmopolitan architecture. The design and aesthetics of tiles are significant considerations when choosing materials for both residential and commercial projects. The color, pattern, texture, and size of tiles are selected to complement the overall design concept and create visually appealing spaces.

Cultural Influences: Singapore is a multicultural society with diverse ethnic influences. Tiles in Singapore may reflect cultural preferences, such as the use of Peranakan tiles in heritage buildings or the incorporation of Chinese, Malay, Indian, or other cultural design elements.

Cost: Cost is an important factor in any construction or renovation project. The price of tiles varies based on factors such as material, size, design, and brand. Budget considerations may influence the selection of tiles, with some projects opting for more affordable options without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

Availability and Accessibility: The availability and accessibility of tiles in the local market can impact their selection. Contractors and homeowners may choose tiles that are readily available from local suppliers to ensure easy sourcing and timely completion of projects.

Importance of Tiles in Design in Singapore

Tiles play a crucial role in interior design, contributing to the overall style, ambiance, and functionality of a space. They offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Versatility: Tiles come in various sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns, allowing you to create customised designs that match your personal style.
  • Durability: Tiles are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Easy Maintenance: Tiles are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for busy homeowners.
  • Hygiene: With their smooth and non-porous surfaces, tiles are resistant to stains, bacteria, and allergens, promoting a cleaner and healthier living environment.
  • Heat Resistance: Tiles are excellent at retaining coolness, making them suitable for tropical climates like Singapore.

Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Space

When selecting tiles for your space, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements and characteristics of each area. Here are some key considerations for different areas in your home:

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are an integral part of any interior design, providing the foundation for the overall aesthetic. When choosing floor tiles, factors such as durability, slip resistance, and visual appeal should be taken into account. Additionally, selecting the right tile size and colour can significantly impact the perceived size and atmosphere of the room.

Wall Tiles

Wall tiles offer an opportunity to add texture, colour, and pattern to your space. They are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms to protect the walls from moisture and splashes while creating a visually pleasing backdrop. Consider the style and colour scheme of the room when selecting wall tiles to ensure a cohesive and harmonious design.

Bathroom Tiles or Shower Tiles

Bathroom tiles require special attention due to the unique environment they are exposed to. Consider factors such as water resistance, slip resistance, and ease of cleaning when choosing tiles for your bathroom. It’s also important to select tiles that complement the overall design theme, creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Exploring Tile Designs

Tiles offer an endless array of designs, allowing you to create spaces that reflect your personality and style. Here are some popular tile designs in Singapore:

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary tile designs feature clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and a focus on simplicity. These designs often incorporate neutral colors, such as whites, grays, and earth tones, creating a timeless and elegant look.

Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, and slate, bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. These tiles showcase the beauty of natural materials, with unique patterns and textures that add character and depth.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are versatile options that offer a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes. They can mimic the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone, providing a cost-effective alternative without compromising on style or durability.

Learn more about difference between Marble vs Porcelain vs Quartz vs Granite

Where are majority of tiles manufacturer in Singapore located?

Generally, when we see map of Singapore, major ceramic manufacturers are found in souther part of Singapore region. You can connect us anywhere in USA by messaging us at info@ramirro.com or click here.

Tiles Sizes in Singapore

Color Body Tiles Importer in Singapore:

Tiles Company: Ramirro Ceramica

Sizes in mm(millimeters): 800 × 2400: 800×3000: 800×3200, 1200×2400,

1200×3000, 1200×3200, 1200 × 1600, 1600×3200

Thickness: Various from 6mm to 18mm

Color: Multiple colors

Area: Wall and Floors

Full Body Tiles Supplier in Singapore

Tiles Supplying Company: Ramirro Ceramica Offline Dealer store and Online Shop

Sizes in mm(millimeters): 300×300, 600×600, 600×1200, 800×1600

Thickness: Various from 6mm to 18mm

Color: Multiple colors

Area: Wall and Floors

Ceramic tiles company in Singapore

Tiles Manufacturing Company: Ramirro Ceramica Offline Dealer store and Online Shop

Sizes in mm(millimeters): 200 x 300 mm, 250 x 375 mm, 250*750 mm, 300*450 mm, 300*600 mm, 200*600 mm, 300×900 mm, 300*300 mm, 369*396 (400*400), 500*500 mm, 600*600 mm, 100*300 mm, 200*200 mm, 75*300 mm, 100*200 mm, 150*150 mm.

Thickness: Various from 6mm to 18mm

Color: Multiple colors

Area: Wall and Floors

Porcelain or Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer in Singapore

Tiles Manufacturing Company: Ramirro Ceramica Offline Dealer store and Online Shop

Sizes in mm (millimeters):

Small Size: 300*600, 600*600, 600*1200, 800*800

Heavy duty parking tiles (Porcelain Vitrified): 300*300, 400*400, 600×600

Porcelain Slab Big Sizes (Porcelain Vitrified): 800*1600, 1200*1200, 1000*1000, 1200×1800, 900*1800, 1200×2400

Wooden Strips (Porcelain Vitrified): 200*1200, 200*1000

Step & Riser (Porcelain Vitrified): 200*900, 300*900, 200*1000, 300*1000

Porcelain Slab Big Sizes (Porcelain Vitrified): 800*1600, 1200*1200, 1000*1000, 1200×1800, 900*1800, 1200×2400

Thickness: Various from 6mm to 18mm

Color: Multiple colors

Area: Wall and Floors

What are common patterns available in tiles in Singapore?

The pattern of tiles encompasses a wide range of styles and designs that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Here are some popular tile patterns:

  1. Wood Look: These tiles mimic the natural appearance of wood, offering the warmth and texture of hardwood floors without the maintenance requirements. They come in various wood species, colors, and grain patterns, adding a rustic or contemporary touch to interiors.
  2. Polished: Polished tiles have a smooth and glossy surface, providing a sleek and luxurious look. They are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and high-end commercial spaces, offering a sophisticated and reflective finish.
  3. Concrete: Concrete tiles offer an industrial and minimalist appeal. They often feature a textured surface resembling concrete, providing a contemporary and urban look to both residential and commercial interiors.
  4. Terrazzo: Terrazzo tiles consist of a mix of marble, quartz, or other materials embedded in cement or resin. They create a unique and vibrant pattern with a speckled appearance, adding a touch of elegance and color to floors and walls.
  5. Terracotta: Terracotta tiles are made from fired clay and typically have a warm reddish-brown hue. They exude a rustic and earthy charm, often used in Mediterranean or traditional-style homes to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  6. Spanish: Spanish tiles feature vibrant and intricate patterns inspired by Spanish and Moorish designs. They showcase vibrant colors and geometric shapes, bringing a lively and artistic flair to any space.
  7. Travertine: Travertine tiles are known for their natural and earthy appearance. They often feature unique veining and textures, giving a sense of elegance and timeless beauty to both indoor and outdoor applications.
  8. Slate Look: Slate-look tiles mimic the appearance of natural slate, offering a textured and rustic look. They are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas, providing a durable and visually striking surface.
  9. Stone Look: Stone-look tiles imitate various types of natural stone, including marble, granite, and limestone. They capture the beauty and authenticity of natural stone while offering the advantages of easy maintenance and cost-effectiveness.
  10. Calacatta: Calacatta tiles emulate the luxurious and elegant look of Calacatta marble. They feature a white or cream base with dramatic veining in gray or gold, creating a sophisticated and high-end aesthetic.
  11. Gold: Gold tiles incorporate metallic elements, offering a touch of opulence and glamour to interiors. They can be used as accent pieces or as full wall or floor coverings to create a lavish and eye-catching effect.
  12. Marble: Marble tiles are renowned for their timeless beauty and elegance. They come in various colors and veining patterns, adding a luxurious and refined touch to any space.
  13. Limestone: Limestone tiles exhibit a soft and natural appearance with subtle color variations. They can range from light beige to gray tones, creating a soothing and earthy ambiance.
  14. Brick Look: Brick-look tiles replicate the texture and appearance of traditional bricks. They are a popular choice for creating an industrial or vintage-inspired look, adding character and warmth to both residential and commercial spaces.
  15. Mosaic: Mosaic tiles are small pieces of glass, stone, or ceramic arranged in patterns or designs. They offer endless possibilities for creativity, allowing for intricate and eye-catching visuals in various colors and textures.

Types of Surface finish you can buy in Singapore

The surface texture of tiles plays a significant role in determining their appearance, functionality, and overall aesthetic impact. Here are some common surface textures available in tiles:

  1. Glossy: Glossy tiles have a smooth and highly reflective surface, creating a shiny and polished finish. They are known for their ability to enhance light reflection, making spaces appear brighter and more spacious. Glossy tiles are often used in bathrooms, kitchens, and areas where a sleek and glamorous look is desired.
  2. Matte: Matte tiles have a non-reflective and slightly textured surface, offering a more subdued and contemporary appearance. They provide a soft and velvety finish, adding a touch of sophistication and understated elegance to various spaces. Matte tiles are popular in living rooms, bedrooms, and areas where a more subtle and sophisticated aesthetic is desired.
  3. Satin: Satin tiles feature a surface texture that falls between glossy and matte finishes. They have a subtle sheen and smooth feel, offering a balanced and versatile option. Satin tiles can add a touch of refinement to any room while providing a surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Rustic: Rustic tiles have a textured surface that mimics natural materials like stone or wood. They offer a rustic and organic appearance, adding warmth, character, and a sense of authenticity to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Rustic tiles are often chosen for creating a country-style or vintage ambiance.
  5. Anti-Skid: Anti-skid or anti-slip tiles are specifically designed to provide traction and prevent slipping, making them ideal for areas prone to wetness or where safety is a concern. These tiles have a textured surface that improves grip, reducing the risk of accidents. They are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas.
  6. High Depth Elevation: High depth elevation tiles have a three-dimensional texture that adds depth and dimension to the surface. They create a visually striking effect and can be used to add drama and visual interest to feature walls, accent areas, and focal points in both residential and commercial settings.
  7. Carving: Carving tiles feature intricate designs or patterns that are carved into the surface of the tile. These tiles showcase craftsmanship and attention to detail, offering a unique and artistic element to any space. Carving tiles are often used as decorative accents or as statement pieces.
  8. Sugar Finish: Sugar finish tiles have a slightly rough texture that resembles the crystalline appearance of sugar. This finish adds visual interest and texture to the tiles while providing a tactile feel. Sugar finish tiles are commonly used in contemporary and industrial-style interiors, adding a touch of raw and tactile charm.

Does weather have effects on Tiles in Singapore?

No. Tiles can handle extreme heat and also are frost resistant in winter. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Finding the Best Tile Suppliers, Manufacturer in Singapore

In Singapore, you’ll find a plethora of tile suppliers, both online and physical stores. Here are some options to consider:

Online Options

Online platforms provide convenience and a vast selection of tiles at your fingertips. You can explore different designs, compare prices, and read customer reviews before making a purchase. Some popular online Tile suppliers in Singapore include Ramirro Ceramica – Check Website and Marbodevida.

Physical Stores

Physical tile stores offer the advantage of seeing and feeling the tiles before making a decision. You can seek expert advice from store professionals and get a better sense of the colours, textures, and finishes available. Some well-known Virtual and offline store tile stores includes one of the best – Ramirro Ceramica.

Care and Maintenance of Tiles

Proper care and maintenance are crucial to ensure the longevity and appearance of your tiles. Here are some important tips for the care and maintenance of tiles:

  1. Regular Cleaning:
    • Sweep or vacuum the tiles regularly to remove dirt, dust, and debris. This prevents scratches and keeps the surface clean.
    • Use a damp mop or a mild pH-neutral cleaner specifically formulated for tiles to remove stains and grime. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the tiles.
  2. Spill Management:
    • Clean up spills immediately to prevent staining. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to blot the spill rather than rubbing, which can spread the stain.
    • For stubborn stains, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek professional assistance for the appropriate cleaning method.
  3. Grout Care:
    • Regularly inspect the grout lines for cracks, mildew, or discoloration. Repair any damaged or deteriorated grout promptly to maintain the integrity of the tile installation.
    • Clean the grout lines periodically using a grout cleaner and a brush. Scrub gently to avoid damaging the grout.
  4. Protection Measures:
    • Apply a sealant or grout sealer as recommended by the manufacturer. This helps protect the tiles and grout from stains, moisture penetration, and discoloration.
    • Use mats or rugs in high-traffic areas, especially near entryways, to minimize dirt and grit from scratching the tiles.
    • Place felt or rubber pads under furniture legs to prevent scratches and indentation on the tile surface.
  5. Special Considerations for Tile Types:
    • Different tile materials may have specific care requirements. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper maintenance instructions tailored to the specific tile type, such as porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, or glass tiles.
    • Natural stone tiles may require periodic resealing to maintain their appearance and protect against stains and moisture.
  6. Regular Inspections:
    • Periodically inspect the tiles for any signs of damage, such as cracks, chips, or loose tiles. Address these issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of the tiled surface.

Remember, it’s always best to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult with professionals for specific care and maintenance instructions based on the type of tiles you have installed. By following these care tips and implementing regular maintenance practices, you can keep your tiles looking beautiful and extend their lifespan.

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What is the price of the tiles in Singapore?

The specific pricing of tiles can vary based on market factors, suppliers, and location.

  1. Quality: The quality of the tiles significantly impacts their pricing. Higher-quality tiles are often more durable, have better resistance to wear and stains, and offer superior aesthetic appeal. Ceramic tiles are generally considered more affordable compared to porcelain body tiles due to differences in manufacturing processes and materials used.
  2. Finish: The type of finish applied to the tiles can affect their cost. Glossy finishes, such as high-polished or glazed tiles, often have a higher price point due to their enhanced appearance and reflective properties. Matte finishes, on the other hand, tend to be more budget-friendly but still offer a stylish and modern look.
  3. Thickness: Tile thickness can vary depending on the intended use and application. Thicker tiles are generally more durable and suitable for high-traffic areas, which can impact their price. Thinner tiles may be more cost-effective but may require additional care during installation and usage.
  4. Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are typically more affordable compared to porcelain body tiles. Ceramic tiles are made from clay and other natural materials, which are then kiln-fired. They are available in various designs, colors, and patterns, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects with budget constraints.
  5. Porcelain Body Tiles: Porcelain body tiles include color body and full body tiles. These tiles are made from a denser and more refined clay mixture, resulting in a more durable and moisture-resistant product. Color body tiles have a colored layer throughout the body, while full body tiles have the color and design running through the entire thickness of the tile. Due to their superior quality and performance, porcelain body tiles generally come at a higher price point compared to ceramic tiles.

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