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Red Sea Crisis: The Impact on India’s Tile Market and Other Products Exports

Red Sea Crisis

Introduction to Red Sea Shipping Crisis

The Red Sea is a critical global trade route, with the Suez Canal being a key chokepoint for international shipping. Any disruptions in the Red Sea region can have significant impacts on global trade and the movement of goods.

The Red Sea crisis stems from escalating attacks by Houthi rebels in Yemen on commercial vessels in the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, a crucial passage connecting the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa. This disruption has led to major shipping firms redirecting vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, significantly increasing journey times and costs.

The Red Sea is a vital international trade route, handling approximately 12% of global trade. It serves as a key artery connecting Asia and Europe via the Suez Canal, facilitating the transportation of containerized goods and oil shipments between the Persian Gulf, Europe, and North America. The disruption in the Red Sea trade route has substantial implications, including increased global shipping costs, delayed shipments, and potential inflationary impacts on the global economy. Here’s What you will learn from This Article

Things You Must Know About India’s Ceramic Tiles Market

The Indian ceramic tiles market is a large and growing industry. Here is list of things you must know 

  • The Indian ceramic tiles market reached a size of 1,126.5 Million Sq. Metres in 2022. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% to reach 1,451.9 Million Sq. Metres by 2028.
  • The market is segmented into floor tiles, wall tiles, and other types. The floor tiles segment dominates the market, followed by wall tiles.
  • In terms of material, the market is divided into ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles (polished and glazed), and others.
  • The Indian ceramic tiles market has both organized and unorganized players, with the organized segment accounting for around 70% of production.
  • Key players in the Indian ceramic tiles market include Kajaria Ceramics, Somany Ceramics, Ramirro Ceramica, Asian Granito, H&R Johnson, NITCO, and Orient Bell.
  • Factors driving growth include rising consumer demand for modern residential spaces, increasing urbanization, and government initiatives like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.
  • The industry also faces challenges such as rising production costs and the threat of substitutes like concrete and hardwood flooring.

Houthi Attacks: The Causes of the Red Sea Crisis

The Red Sea crisis, which began in late 2023, continued to have a significant impact on global trade and shipping in 2024. The Red Sea crisis has significantly impacted global shipping lanes, particularly those connecting Asia with Europe and North America. This had significant implications for international maritime trade, particularly impacting the global shipping industry and supply chains and has led to disruptions in key maritime routes, including those passing through the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.. The crisis was primarily driven by escalating by Houthi attacks in Yemen which is near gulf of aden on commercial vessels in the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, a crucial passage connecting the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa.In February 2024, the crisis had led to a substantial drop in the volume of trade passing through the Suez Canal, with a 50% year-on-year decline in the first two months of the year. This disruption forced many shipping companies to reroute their vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, adding thousands of miles to their journeys and causing a 74% surge in trade volume transiting around the southern tip of Africa. 

The impact of the Red Sea crisis was felt across various sectors and regions. India, heavily reliant on the Red Sea route for its trade with Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, saw approximately 50% of its imports and 60% of its exports, totaling $113 billion, potentially affected by the disruptions. Sectors such as capital goods, fertilizers, and petroleum products were particularly impacted, facing increased shipping costs, delays, and supply chain challenges.The crisis also had broader implications for global container shipping. By mid-February 2024, an estimated 621 container ships and cargo ships had changed their usual routes to avoid the conflict zone, leading to congestion in key ports in South Africa and further exacerbating supply chain challenges. The global container shipping capacity also dropped by around 9% due to the rerouting of vessels.

The disruption in the Red Sea trade route had substantial economic ramifications, contributing to increased shipping costs, delayed shipments, and potential inflationary pressures on a global scale. Countries and industries heavily reliant on the affected trade routes, such as India, faced significant challenges in maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their supply chains.In response to the crisis, Indian exporters and the government explored various strategies, including diversifying sourcing locations, investing in alternative transportation methods, and seeking diplomatic initiatives to address the trade disruptions. However, the prolonged nature of the crisis and its impact on global supply chains continued to pose significant challenges for Indian industries and the broader global economy in 2024.

Impact on Shipping Routes and Maritime Trade on Global Supply Chain

The Red Sea crisis has disrupted one of the world’s most critical trade routes, affecting approximately 12% of global trade that passes through the Red Sea. The crisis has forced major shipping carriers to reroute their shipments, leading to increased transit times and costs. Vessels are being redirected around southern Africa, adding significant mileage and time to their journeys. This rerouting has caused delays in shipments, increased shipping costs, and potential shortages of products, impacting global supply chains and trade flows.

Economic Ramifications for Affected Countries

The economic ramifications of the Red Sea crisis are substantial, with affected countries facing increased shipping costs, delayed shipments, and potential inflationary pressures. The crisis has led to rising ocean freight costs, inflated insurance expenses, and longer voyage times, resulting in delays and product shortages. Countries heavily reliant on the Red Sea route for trade, like India, have experienced a drop in shipments and disruptions to their bilateral trade with European and North African countries. The crisis has highlighted the vulnerability of global trade routes and the need for alternative strategies to mitigate the economic impacts of such disruptions.

Effects of the Red Sea Crisis on India’s Tile Market

Disruption in Supply Chains issues

The Red Sea crisis has disrupted global supply chains, impacting India’s tile market. The crisis has led to heightened freight costs, mandatory war risk insurance, and substantial delays in shipping due to the need for alternative routes. This disruption has affected the efficiency of trade between India and key regions like Europe and North Africa. The closure of critical trade links has forced shipping companies to opt for longer, safer routes, increasing transportation time and costs. As a result, exporters in India are considering diversifying their trade routes to mitigate the challenges posed by the crisis.

Increased Shipping Costs and Delays

The Red Sea crisis has resulted in increased shipping costs and delays for the Indian tile market. The crisis has led to a surge in transportation costs, with shippers taking longer routes to avoid the conflict zone. This increase in costs has impacted various industries, including the tile market, as companies negotiate higher logistics expenses and consider alternative ports to ensure timely delivery of goods. The disruption in shipping routes has led to delays in shipments, affecting the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the tile industry in India.

Impact on Other Product Exports from India

The Red Sea crisis has had the following impact on exports of major building material products from India:

  1. Ceramic Roof Tile, Earthen Roof Tile, Roof Tile, Clay Tile, Earthen Roofing Tile:
    • The disruption in shipping routes and increased freight costs have affected the export of these tile products from India to key markets in Europe and North Africa.
    • Exporters are exploring diversification of sourcing locations and alternative transportation methods to mitigate the impact of the crisis on their supply chains.
  2. Building Steel Structure and its spare parts/accessories/components:
    • The capital goods sector, including exports of building steel structures and components, has faced challenges due to delays in delivery and increased logistics costs.
    • Exporters are working to adapt their supply chain management strategies to address the vulnerabilities exposed by the Red Sea crisis.
  3. Pre-fabricated building materials:
    • Exports of pre-fabricated building materials from India have been affected by the disruption in trade routes and increased shipping costs.
    • Exporters are exploring alternative transportation methods and diversifying their trade routes to maintain the competitiveness of their products in global markets.
  4. Brass building materials:
    • Exports of brass building materials, such as brass caps and bushes, have been impacted by the elevated freight and insurance costs resulting from the Red Sea crisis.
    • Exporters are working to manage the increased costs and find ways to maintain their market share in destinations like Italy.
  5. Bathroom mirrors and Ceramic white color wash:
    • While the impact on these specific product exports is not directly mentioned in the search results, it is likely that they have also been affected by the broader disruptions in global supply chains and increased shipping costs caused by the Red Sea crisis.
    • Exporters of these products may need to adopt similar strategies, such as diversifying sourcing and transportation options, to mitigate the impact of the crisis on their export performance

Strategies for Mitigating Export Challenges

Diplomatic Initiatives to Address Trade Disruptions

The Indian government has recognized the urgency to address the growing trade challenges stemming from the Red Sea shipping crisis. A high-level committee has been set up to study and identify alternative trade opportunities from markets less affected by the crisis. This diplomatic initiative aims to explore solutions through multilateral and multiparty participation to mitigate the impact on Indian exports.

Exploring New Markets and Trade Partnerships

To diversify their export destinations and reduce reliance on the affected regions, Indian exporters are exploring opportunities in new markets. This includes looking at markets like Latin America and Australia as potential growth avenues, though the incremental growth may not come quickly. Exporters are also seeking to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations to develop more resilient supply chain solutions.

Government Support for Affected Industries

The Indian government is taking steps to support industries affected by the Red Sea crisis. This includes the apparel industry, where the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) has unveiled plans to push Indian apparel exports from $16-17 billion to $40 billion by 2030, leveraging the diversification of trade within Asia. The government is also working to identify alternative trade opportunities and provide assistance to help exporters mitigate the impact of the crisis on their operations.

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