Top 27+ Best Resources for Latest Design trends in Tiles, Interior and Architect World

Top 27+ Best Resources for Latest Design trends in Tiles, Interior and Architect World

In the dynamic world of design, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice but a necessity. Whether you’re a seasoned architect, an interior design enthusiast, or someone simply looking to revamp your living space, understanding the latest trends is pivotal. In this comprehensive guide, curated by a renowned tiling expert from Ramirro Ceramica, we delve into the top 27+ resources that promise to be your compass through the ever-evolving landscapes of tiles, interior design, and architecture.

As our living spaces become extensions of our personalities, the choices we make in design play a crucial role in shaping our environments. Ramirro Ceramica, with its wealth of expertise in the tiling industry, has collaborated with leading professionals to bring you an exclusive list of resources. From the timeless elegance of traditional designs to the cutting-edge innovations defining contemporary aesthetics, this compilation is your gateway to a world where creativity meets functionality.

Join us on this journey as we explore the best platforms, publications, and influencers who are setting the pace for the latest design trends. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a home renovation project or aiming to elevate your architectural creations, these resources are your key to staying informed, inspired, and at the forefront of the ever-evolving design landscape. Welcome to a world where design is not just a visual statement but a narrative that unfolds in every tile, every corner, and every architectural masterpiece.


Here are some of the best books for interior designers and architects to stay updated on the latest trends:

  1. “The Interior Design Course” by Tomris Tangaz” – This book covers various aspects of interior design, including furnishings, lighting, and color schemes.
  2. “The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Design Your Home” – This book provides practical guidance on how to create beautiful and functional interior spaces.
  3. “8 Essential Design Books Every Interiors Lover Should Read”– This article from Architectural Digest lists eight inspirational and educational interior design books that every design enthusiast should read.
  4. “13 Essential Interior Design Books Every Stylish Home Should Have” – Vogue’s list includes books on redefining comfort, Mario Buatta’s Anatomy of a Decorator, and Arranging Things, among others.
  5. “10 Best Books on Interior Design for Beginners” – A YouTube video that highlights 10 books on interior design, suitable for beginners in the field.

These books cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of interior design to more advanced concepts and trends. Reading these books can help interior designers and architects stay updated on the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

Journals and Academic Articles

1. “Journal of Interior Design” – This journal publishes articles on various aspects of interior design, including research, practice, and education.

2. “International Journal of Architectural Research” – This journal focuses on the latest research and trends in architecture, including interior design.

3. “Design Issues” – This journal explores the interdisciplinary nature of design, including architecture and interior design.

4. “The Art of Home” by Shea McGee– This book offers practical advice and inspiration for creating beautiful and functional interior spaces.

5. “Interior Design: A Global History” by Susan M. Grant – This book offers a global perspective on the history of interior design, from ancient times to the present.


1. Architectural Digest – A renowned international design authority since 1920, covering interior design, architecture, art, travel, style, culture, and shopping.

2. Elle Decor – A magazine wholly dedicated to home decor, offering decorating ideas, tips, and the latest news about products.

3. Vogue Living – A publication dedicated to home design trends and projects, providing insights into the latest interior design trends.

4. Harper’s Bazaar Interiors – Featuring exclusive photos of home interiors, chic entertaining guides, and home decor inspirations.

5. Interior Design – A magazine tailored for interior design professionals with a wide variety of outstanding projects and the newest design products.

6. House Beautiful – Offering the latest home decor inspiration and news for design enthusiasts.

7. Nuevo Estilo – A Spanish magazine showcasing inspiring ideas for home decoration in every issue.

8. Chic Haus – A Mexican magazine dedicated to architecture, design, and lifestyle, well-known in Latin America.

9. Bridge For Design – A must-read publication for anyone interested in interior design, offering beautiful homes and design inspiration ideas.

10. Coveted Magazine – An international source for interior design and luxury lifestyle with a curated selection of projects and exclusive interviews.


1. Architect’s Newspaper – A source of information on the latest projects and exhibitions, urbanism, art, current events, and cultural developments related to architecture and design.

2. Architects’ Journal – A UK-based journal dedicated to architects, covering topics about building studies, specifications, and careers.

3. Architecture & Design Newsletter – An online magazine covering interior design, architecture, decoration, and furniture, providing news trends in the world of design.

4. Architect Magazine – A professional resource for architects, offering industry news, market intelligence, business and technology solutions, further education opportunities, and a database of building products.

5. ArchNewsNow – A daily newsletter with architecture, design, and construction news stories from around the world.

Best Website for Tiles Information

Here are some of the best online resources for tiles that interior designers and architects can explore:

1. Tile Magazine – A leading media resource providing information on the manufacture, design, distribution, and installation of tiles, offering technical articles, case studies, architecture, and product trends.

2. The Spruce Blog – A source for all design for project related things tile, featuring the latest styles and trends, professional projects.

3. Ramirro Ceramica Blog – Offers interesting information about tile trends and design changes in the tile industry from an internationally acclaimed organization specializing in ceramics and porcelain products.

Best Youtube Channel

1. Yes I’m a Designer – Offers tutorials on graphic design, web design, and animation, providing valuable insights for designers.

2. Dan Gartman – Known for creating time-lapses with game and cartoon developing skills, providing incentives on character development and inventive design measures.

3. 30X40 Design Workshop – Ideal for young architects and architecture students, offering proficiency in site analysis, building processes, and equipping viewers with professional knowledge.

4. Show it Better – Focuses on architectural representation, providing techniques for presenting work effectively to clients or jurors through rendering software and animation.

5. National Geographic – Offers a wide range of information on various topics, providing insights into different aspects of life and nature that can inspire architectural and design creativity.

6. The Louisiana Channel – Produces weekly videos on art, literature, architecture, and design, featuring in-depth interviews with renowned architects like Bjarke Ingels and Norman Foster.

7. TED – Architecture Playlist – Provides intriguing ideas and inspiration related to architecture through TED Talks covering innovative design concepts and construction strategies.

8. Dezeen YouTube Channel – Features a variety of videos parallel to the online design and architecture magazine’s content, showcasing large-scale projects, designs, and interviews with designers.

9. Archi Digest – Offers content related to international modern designs and architectural projects in detail, providing insights into architectural designs and their impact on users’ lives.

10. How to Architect – Provides tutorials covering construction elements, architectural history, iconic buildings, and professional experiences from architects to enhance knowledge in architecture.

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What sets Ramirro Ceramica apart is the synergy between our design team and the production process. We don’t just follow trends; we actively contribute to shaping them. Our team works collaboratively to design new, unique tiles that resonate with the contemporary aesthetics defining the interior and architectural landscape. Each tile in our collection is a testament to the fusion of creativity and functionality, ensuring that your spaces not only look stunning but also stand the test of time.

When you choose Ramirro Ceramica, you’re not just buying tiles; you’re investing in a design journey crafted by experts who are passionate about creating spaces that inspire and elevate. Step into our world, where innovation meets tradition, and design is not just a product but an experience. Explore the latest trends and bring your vision to life with tiles that speak the language of modern design, only at Ramirro Ceramica – where style meets substance.

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