Smart Marble Full Body Tiles

You might be wondering the meaning of Full-body tiles?

Let me explain you in simple words. Suppose you have full body tile of thickness of 15 mm and you were ask to trim 1 mm layer for 15 times and place all trimmed layers(1mm) of tiles next to each other. The results will show that all the trimmed layers were entirely same from top to bottom along with the depth similar to what we see in real marble or granite block that gets cuts into slab.

So, Full Body tiles prices may cost you much higher than normal ceramic or porcelain tiles but considering the fact that it last longer its worth every single penny. At Ramirro, These tiles are available in various sizes, including 600×600 mm | 600x1200mm | 800x2400mm | 800x3000mm | 800x3200mm | 1200x2400mm | 1200x3000mm| 1200x3200mm with thickness of 15mm and 18mm. Due to its high thickness, it doesn’t wear off quickly hence we can place them in traffic dense are areas suitable for commercial projects as it can withstand high pressure as well.

If you are looking for one time investment which last longer then go for Full Body Vitrified tiles.

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