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Tera Rust – Orange, brown Subway Tiles

100 x 300 mm
8 mm

A mesmerizing arrangement of tiles design pattern and colors comes to life in an exquisite stained glassy look. With a broad rectangular shape, the tiles design dominates the scene, showcasing an intricate pattern that captivates the viewer’s attention. The background consists of a warm, earthy brown shade, against which vibrant orange and white stripes intersect in a symphony of intersecting lines. The intricate tile patterns, created with precision, convey a sense of movement and rhythm.

In the center of the tiles design, an eye-catching letter “O” is prominently displayed, attracting the gaze with its bold presence. The orange and brown tiles surrounding the letter “O” serve as a striking contrast to the surrounding patterns, emphasizing its importance within the overall composition.

Amidst this breathtaking display of artistry, you might be drawn to a smaller tiles design panel symmetry. This panel features a striking combination of orange and gray hues, elegantly intertwined with curved lines. Although similar in size, this panel complements with combination of brown tiles design and adds a touch of diversity to the overall composition.

Together, these tiles design creations offer a feast for the eyes, celebrating the harmonious fusion of colors, shapes, and intricate designs. The captivating beauty of the arrangement leaves the viewer in awe, provoking contemplation and appreciation for the artistry behind this stunning creation.

Features of Exotic Subway Tiles

  • Digital printed tiles
  • Exotic Colors
  • New Artistic Design 
  • Deep Punch Effects
  • Scratch Proof tiles
  • Rectified Tiles
  • Available in glossy and Matte finishes
  • Eco-friendly 




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