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Petra Glass Cream Subway Tiles

75 x 300 mm
8 mm

In the realm of interior design, tiles are the canvas upon which you can paint your vision of elegance and sophistication. Ramirro Ceramica presents “Petra Glass Cream,” a collection of subway tiles that exudes timeless elegance and luminosity, offering a versatile design choice for homeowners and interior designers alike.

1. The Radiance of Cream:

The creamy hue of Petra Glass Cream tiles is a testament to sophistication and versatility. Cream is known for its ability to create an inviting and airy atmosphere while serving as a neutral backdrop for a variety of design elements. Whether used in kitchens, bathrooms, or living spaces, these tiles infuse a sense of understated luxury and timeless charm.

2. Luminous Glass Finish:

Petra Glass Cream’s subway tiles feature a glass finish that exudes elegance and luminosity. Glass tiles have a unique ability to reflect light, creating a dazzling effect that makes spaces appear brighter and more open. This luminous quality elevates any room, adding an element of luxury that is both refreshing and timeless.

3. Classic Subway Design:

Subway tiles have an enduring appeal that transcends design trends. Their classic rectangular shape has been beloved for generations, making them a versatile choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Petra Glass Cream pays homage to this timeless subway tile design while introducing the luminosity of glass and a creamy color palette.

4. Limitless Design Opportunities:

The versatility of Petra Glass Cream tiles knows no bounds and can be seamlessly integrated into various design schemes and spaces:

  • Kitchen Splendor: These tiles can transform your kitchen into a culinary haven of style and elegance. The creamy color complements a range of cabinetry and countertop materials, allowing you to create a kitchen that is both functional and breathtaking.
  • Bathroom Retreat: Incorporate Petra Glass Cream tiles into your bathroom design to achieve a serene and spa-like atmosphere. The glass finish adds an element of opulence, creating a bathroom sanctuary that is both relaxing and sophisticated.
  • Feature Walls that Shine: Create captivating feature walls in your living room or dining area with these tiles. The creamy hue and glass finish add depth and luminosity, making your chosen space a true centerpiece.
  • Commercial Brilliance: Petra Glass Cream tiles are equally suitable for commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores, where their luminous quality and versatile creamy color make an indelible statement.

5. Easy Maintenance:

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Petra Glass Cream tiles are practical and easy to maintain. The glass surface is resistant to stains and moisture, ensuring your space remains luminous and elegant for years to come.

Features of Exotic Subway Tiles

  • Digital printed tiles
  • Exotic Colors
  • New Artistic Design 
  • Deep Punch Effects
  • Scratch Proof tiles
  • Rectified Tiles
  • Available in glossy and Matte finishes
  • Eco-friendly 




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